Are you wondering how to build your dream house on a sloping block?

Are you puzzled on what design to apply?

Don’t know where to start?

Maybe this is what you need.

Are you familiar with a stump home? Stump homes are usually referred to homes built with stump foundations. It may be unconventional compared to slab foundation but it proves to be sturdier for sloping blocks.

Why Stump Homes for Sloping Blocks


Are you one of those people who just love the holiday season? Who wouldn’t? It’s the time of the year where families find time to bond and just relax, mostly inside the comfort of their homes. Thus, families spend time, effort and money preparing their homes for the holiday.

5 Reasons Why Split Level Homes are Perfect for Holidays


Building a home in a sloping block is filled with challenges, risks, and expenses. However, the reward is breathtaking. A block on the slope pose different obstacles but offers a uniqueness a flat site don’t have. But before jumping into it, there are things you need to consider.

Things to Consider When Building a Sloping Block Home