7 Features Homeowners are Looking for in Their New Home to Always Make It Saleable for the Future

Are you planning to build soon? If that’s the case, you must be interested to know what most homeowners are looking for. Here, we listed some of the features most homeowners in Queensland are looking for in their new home to be always saleable.

7 Features Homeowners are Looking for in Their New Home to Always Make It Saleable for the Future

Simple but functional interior

Amenities that are merely for aesthetics such as pendant lighting, decorative backsplash, extravagant tiles, and other decorations can be conveniently installed by the new homeowner. In reality, those things must be left to their own preferred style. Installing one for the purpose of “adding value” to your property is not a thing anymore.

Rather, limiting the design and focusing on functionality will be better long term if you are wanting to sell your house in the future.  If a house is impractical, a buyer may be forced to consider renovation for improvements. As it will be costly for them, they might not consider buying your house.

Great Finishes

Many homeowners tend to make minor renovations to the new home they purchase to add a personal touch to it. However, homeowners will only be willing to spend on renovations to some degree. If the finishes, for instance, are poorly done, it might be a turn off for most buyers as it will add up to the renovation tasks. Should you wish to ensure that your house sells faster for future homeowners, it is important to select finishes that are quality and durable.

Natural Lights

Among the key factors, future homeowners are considering when buying a new home is whether the layout permits natural light. Natural light is very much abundant in Queensland and most homeowners tend to utilise it for energy efficiency. Adding some skylight or glass windows will not cost much but will definitely pay off when selling your house.

More rooms

As space is clearly not a problem with houses in Queensland, an open floor plan for houses is not so popular nowadays. Open-plan houses tend to be nice for a starting family but will eventually need renovation as the family grows. Typical homeowners today prefer a home with many rooms to accommodate a growing family and guests that are coming over.

Dip pools

With the temperature getting extremely uncomfortable in Queensland over the last decade, the pool becomes a sought after amenity. Instead of stressing out on traffic when going to the beach, homeowners would appreciate their own dip pool. Whether it is a plunge pool or a lap pool that circles your house, a pool is an attractive amenity for your home.

Solar Panels

Environmental efforts have become a trend in both interior design and construction for the past decades in Queensland. With more and more people shifting to alternative and sustainable energy resources, solar panels become a plus for houses. Solar panels are the most accessible alternative energy resource in the area. It is also very convenient for homeowners to have a pre-installed solar panel on their new home. Installing one on your property can drive the sale better.


As cliche as it may sound, having a garage or free standing shed  is a total plus when selling your property. Looking for a parking space can be an arduous task for homeowners. They would want to move to a house that can also accommodate their vehicles. Therefore, it is wise to build a garage or free standing shed as a property extension when you have the ample fund for it.


These are the features homeowners today are seeking in their new home. So when planning to build your new home, think about the long term saleability of your new build. It can help with the speed of sale as well as the selling price you are after.

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