Do you ever consider designing your dream home?

If your answer is a “yes”, then we are happy to tell you that it is possible. Yes, it is a reality to have your custom-built home. We are here to help you in every step of your homeowner’s journey.

What it’s like to have a custom-built home

Now, you may be interested to know what it’s like to have a custom-built home.

Will it be costly?

Will you have a say in every phase of the construction?

Is your idea even feasible?

Those questions are probably running in your mind when you think of doing a custom-built home. We’ll be discussing all of these in this blog. Let’s start.


The right way to start

One of the most difficult phases when building a custom-built home is how to start the project.

Homeowners may think that the right process is to:

  • buy a block of land
  • hire an architect to design the house
  • get a builder to do it

But do you know that this can be very impractical and may even result in blowing out your expenses along the way?

What we suggest is for you to first find a builder, a local one,  who will help you find a block of land.


It is because local builders are more familiar with the location. This allows them to give you helpful advice when choosing a plot.

Your input will always matter

Since this is a custom-built home, the homeowner has a say in every phase of the project. From planning the house layout to the finishing touches, your input will always matter.

This is one of the benefits of having a custom-built home. If you wish to have a bold and artistic splashback, you can have one installed. If you fancy a flat roof with a few skylights, it will be possible. Everything you want to add to your dream home is just a plan away from happening.

We at Davolyn Constructions are happy to hear our clients’ ideas. As a local family-owned builder, we can also help you come up with the best decisions to make your dream home possible.


Custom-built home can cut future expenses

The idea that custom-built homes will cost so much is what hinders most first time homeowners from choosing this option. However, choosing a custom-built home can actually help you save more money in the future.

Firstly, you can have your home built with sustainable living features to minimize electricity consumption. By simply positioning your windows towards the direction of natural airflow, you could limit the use of your AC. Or if you install enough skylights, you can save up energy by turning off the lights during daytime.

Custom-built homes are also less likely to be renovated in the near future. Considering that all of the materials used are new, repairs wouldn’t be needed so soon.



Davolyn Constructions believe that a home is an important family investment. We know how much you want your dream home to become a reality and we are always willing to make that happen. Should you need our service, we are just a phone call away. Let’s talk.