Are you planning on building your own home this year?

Do you already have a builder in mind?

Finding the right builder for these tasks is important because your chosen builder can spell a big difference in the expenses and outcome of your construction project. Therefore, you must choose your builder wisely.

But how would you do that?

5 Benefits of Hiring a Local Family-Owned Builder

There are lots of construction companies in Queensland. There are large firms which provide services to wide housing projects while others are relatively smaller, often run by a local family.

Between the two, who would you choose?

In this blog, we listed some of the benefits of hiring a local family-owned builder for your building and renovation work. Read on to know who to choose for your 2021 project.


#1 Experience

Large firms have extensive experience in building works. However, a local family-owned builder has more experience in working with rural sites and family focused homes.

Large construction firms tend to specialize in wide housing projects while small scale constructions often get smaller projects. So, a local family-owned builder can be more experienced with your construction needs and have local knowledge compared to larger firms.


#2 Price

“Not all that glitter is gold.”

As the popular saying goes, not because it’s fancy and expensive doesn’t mean it’s the best option. Price may be a good parameter to ensure quality. But then, you should always keep in mind that larger firms tend to charge higher regardless.

The good thing about local family-owned builders is that they may offer you the same service with more cost effective outcomes. Who wouldn’t want a less expensive deal of the same quality?


#3 Familiarity with the local area

A local family-owned builder is usually the go-to company whenever there is a renovation need in the neighbourhood. It isn’t surprising if your local family-owned builder knows the community as much as the community knows them.

This familiarity comes with being within the area. Most local family-owned builders started their business in the community where they lived. The climate, historical and cultural factors, as well as the disposition of the neighbourhood, are known to your local builder. This knowledge helps them adjust the building works to minimize possible problems.


#4 Openness for custom-built projects

You would not find the same openness for custom-built projects more than what you will experience with local family-owned builders.  Their previous projects make local family-owned builders familiar with all-sorts of customized renovations and building works. They might even be able to suggest necessary modifications to make your house look and function better.


#5 They are near you

Choosing among the builders within your community could mean two things. First, you can ask your neighbours for referrals. A referral is a good basis when hiring a builder as feedback says a lot about the services a builder offers.

The other one is that they are just a few kilometres away and would like to build again or have a query, your local builders are very accessible.



Working with a local family-owned builder has a lot of benefits. You’ll find when you hire one that there’s more to them than what we have listed here.

Should you need a local builder for your building works? Send us a message today.