7 Features Homeowners are Looking for in Their New Home to Always Make It Saleable for the Future

7 Features Homeowners are Looking for in Their New Home to Always Make It Saleable for the Future

Are you planning to build soon? If that’s the case, you must be interested to know what most homeowners are looking for. Here, we listed some of the features most homeowners in Queensland are looking for in their new home to be always saleable.

7 Features Homeowners are Looking for in Their New Home to Always Make It Saleable for the Future

Simple but functional interior

Amenities that are merely for aesthetics such as pendant lighting, decorative backsplash, extravagant tiles, and other decorations can be conveniently installed by the new homeowner. In reality, those things must be left to their own preferred style. Installing one for the purpose of “adding value” to your property is not a thing anymore.

Rather, limiting the design and focusing on functionality will be better long term if you are wanting to sell your house in the future.  If a house is impractical, a buyer may be forced to consider renovation for improvements. As it will be costly for them, they might not consider buying your house.

Great Finishes

Many homeowners tend to make minor renovations to the new home they purchase to add a personal touch to it. However, homeowners will only be willing to spend on renovations to some degree. If the finishes, for instance, are poorly done, it might be a turn off for most buyers as it will add up to the renovation tasks. Should you wish to ensure that your house sells faster for future homeowners, it is important to select finishes that are quality and durable.

Natural Lights

Among the key factors, future homeowners are considering when buying a new home is whether the layout permits natural light. Natural light is very much abundant in Queensland and most homeowners tend to utilise it for energy efficiency. Adding some skylight or glass windows will not cost much but will definitely pay off when selling your house.

More rooms

As space is clearly not a problem with houses in Queensland, an open floor plan for houses is not so popular nowadays. Open-plan houses tend to be nice for a starting family but will eventually need renovation as the family grows. Typical homeowners today prefer a home with many rooms to accommodate a growing family and guests that are coming over.

Dip pools

With the temperature getting extremely uncomfortable in Queensland over the last decade, the pool becomes a sought after amenity. Instead of stressing out on traffic when going to the beach, homeowners would appreciate their own dip pool. Whether it is a plunge pool or a lap pool that circles your house, a pool is an attractive amenity for your home.

Solar Panels

Environmental efforts have become a trend in both interior design and construction for the past decades in Queensland. With more and more people shifting to alternative and sustainable energy resources, solar panels become a plus for houses. Solar panels are the most accessible alternative energy resource in the area. It is also very convenient for homeowners to have a pre-installed solar panel on their new home. Installing one on your property can drive the sale better.


As cliche as it may sound, having a garage or free standing shed  is a total plus when selling your property. Looking for a parking space can be an arduous task for homeowners. They would want to move to a house that can also accommodate their vehicles. Therefore, it is wise to build a garage or free standing shed as a property extension when you have the ample fund for it.


These are the features homeowners today are seeking in their new home. So when planning to build your new home, think about the long term saleability of your new build. It can help with the speed of sale as well as the selling price you are after.

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It’s All About The Foundation: What Makes a Quality Home

It’s All About The Foundation: What Makes a Quality Home

Your house’ foundation is a vital part of any house or structure. It is what protects and carries the weight of your home. So as the base of the structure, it is a part of the house that must be constructed carefully.

Its All About The Foundation What Makes a Quality Home

Why? Because when your home’s foundation suffers from damages, it is only a matter of time before everything else collapses. This is not to mention the hassles repairing a damaged foundation will bring. So it is definitely worth the time and consideration to ensure that your house’ foundation is built correctly and follows industry expectations.

Do you want to learn more reasons why you should pay much of your attention to your foundation during the construction phase of your house? Here are some of these:

#1: Your home’s foundation serves as its skeleton

As our skeletal system gives shape to our body and helps us stand, the foundation does the same to the house. The base is buried under your house in the dirt. Its primary function is to support your home. Without it, your house will easily sink unevenly into the dirt, resulting in cracks and destruction. During a flood or earthquake, a well-constructed base would hold the home levelled and supported.

A solid foundation entails more than simply drilling into the dirt and dumping concrete. The foundation of your house should be strategically laid to the plot. This includes considering the geology, soil quality, groundwater, and even the backfill once it is erected. It should also be made of good materials to ensure that it will bear the weight of your house. This ensures your foundation can withstand changes or movement in the soil underneath your slab.

#2 Foundations are good insulators

Another thing that makes the foundation of your house essential is its insulating properties. It will keep your indoor temperature at a desirable degree despite the harsh and long summer in Queensland. So, a well-insulated foundation will save you a significant amount of money from using too much AC to keep the indoor cool.

Using your house’s foundation as an insulator varies by climate, but if you want to utilise the means for your existing home it’s always wise to consult with a local builder for help.

#3 The right foundation keeps the bugs away

A solid and properly erected foundation will keep all of the pests and critters that live beneath the slab of your house at bay. This would also protect the wood frame from termites even in the long run. Without a good foundation, your house would be vulnerable to insects and will do significant harm in the future. Thus, it is important to understand the importance of the foundation to your house even before the start of the construction.

#4 A good foundation can minimize accidents

Without us noticing, the plates beneath the earth are constantly shifting. Soil moisture levels fluctuate constantly, temperature variations affect soil conditions, and groundwater’s direction can shift at any moment. External forces will cause the home to crumble, fall up, or even be swept away if it is not rooted to a foundation.

A solid foundation can withstand any environmental activity that occurs beneath and around your house. When the right materials are used and the foundations are properly erected, you can guarantee that your house is protected when natural calamities strike.


Most of us fail to give significant attention to our home’s foundations, resulting in expensive maintenance later on. To ensure that your foundation is properly constructed, it is recommended that you employ a professional builder for your house construction and renovation.

Should you need the help of an experienced local builder? As a builder in Qld we give a 6 year structural warranty. Talk to us today!

4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Block of Land

4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Block of Land

When deciding to buy a home, we must decide on these two available options: one is to buy a pre-constructed home; and the other is to have your home built according to your preferences. Between these two, if the latter sounds more appealing to you, then this article is a must-read.

4 Things to Consider Before Buying a Block of Land

Building your dream home is an amazing experience for both first homeowners and those that have had their homes built before. Doing so will provide you with lots of freedom when it comes to the preferred floor plan layout, directions of doors and windows, and materials to be used. Although this can require a lot of effort on your part, the end result is very rewarding.

Here at Davolyn Constructions, we are happy to help you achieve your dream home. So in this article, we will discuss the first milestone when constructing your own home– finding a block of land.

#1 Conducting a Research

A house is among the most expensive investments one can make. Thus, doing the research before deciding to buy a block of land is important. It will help you come up with informed decisions and add personal touches to your dream house.

There are many things you should know about before buying a block of land. Most of them, you will not be certain of unless you find the answers yourself. One of them is the accessibility of important places like the schools, transport, and shopping centres. It is also important when it comes to acreage, you must ensure that the services like water and electricity are available at the property.

The next thing you need to research is the living conditions you’ll be exposed to when you move to the area. Is the neighbourhood noisy? Will you be disturbed by a highway? How’s the crime rate in the area? Will there be a threat to your security? Is the area prone to bushfires? These questions can be answered by asking around or driving within the area.

#2 Council Restrictions

Some areas in Plainland have certain policies and regulations that might compromise your house construction. Noise regulation, and even home design restrictions based on development covenants are among the policies that may affect your construction project. They can also affect your living conditions in the long run. Therefore, you have to study the council restrictions before buying a block of land.

#3 Block Dimensions and Slope

Another important thing to consider before settling with a block of land is the dimensions you’ll need and the slope of the block. These two factors affect house construction in more ways than one. It is not to mention that accidentally buying a block of land with an unfavourable slope can cost you a fortune.

Getting the right block of land dimension and the slope is difficult. It is also possible to get tricked by real estate agents into buying a bad block of land. To ensure that you’ll get the right dimensions and a good slope, it is wise to consult an experienced builder.

#4 Orientation and Position of the block of land

To get the best out of your investment, you have to find a block of land with good orientation. Finding the “good spot” to place your dream house on can help with the house layout. For instance, you might want to look at the amount of sunlight the block of land is exposed to. Knowing the wind direction will also help when deciding on doors and windows’ positions. Most smart and sustainable homes in Australia utilised the block of land’s location for natural light and ventilation.


We understand how you want your home to be perfect. Thus, we want to help you every step of the way until you make that dream house a reality. Should you find the tips above helpful but you can’t do them on your own? Davolyn Constructions is here to help. Send us a message today and let us help you find the best block of land!

How to Make Your Homes Trendy This 2021

How to Make Your Homes Trendy This 2021

Make your home more colourful, more inviting and more inspiring this 2021 with these interior design trends.

How to Make Your Homes Trendy This 2021


1. Add your own creativity

Make each day more memorable with DIY crafts done by the family. Add this to your living room, kitchens, bathroom and bedrooms for a more personalised interior.

Add your own creativity - How to Make Your Homes Trendy This 2021


You won’t need to spend much with these items. Go and look at stocked boxes at your garage or unused clothes and previous items stored in cabinets, then start letting your creativity fly.


You may start by either painting on plain pots, plates or other ceramics, knitting or quilting new bed and pillow covers.


Did we tap on your artistry? Work on it, now.


2. Embrace the Grand Millennial Style

Now that you are into DIY crafts, why not extend your resourcefulness by getting rid of those old white interiors and adding some microfloral wallpaper to it.

Embrace the Grand Millennial Style - How to Make Your Homes Trendy This 2021

Mix and match these with some antique-looking accessories and wicker cane furniture to give it that rattan renaissance ambience.


Sounds like a plan?


3. Appreciate Grain and Natural Stone Textures

Handmade crafts have become more popular these past months as more people clamoured for rustic-looking items with strong textures. Compliment these by adding grain and natural stone features to your homes.

Appreciate Grain and Natural Stone Textures - How to Make Your Homes Trendy This 2021

This emerging appreciation for imperfect but natural materials is brought about by the need of many work from home individuals to see and feel materials that are in contrast to the sleek man-made computer screens they are looking at.


4. Sprinkle Yellow to Your Interior

Stay away from a dull and depressing ambience. That means staying away from the typical grey, black and white; and sprinkling yellow to your home to make it more vibrant, exciting, and inspiring.

Sprinkle Yellow to Your Interior - How to Make Your Homes Trendy This 2021


5. Pop Some Home Luxury to Your Items

Since you’ll be barely using your make-up and lipstick, why not use the same amount in buying

  • Scented candles
  • Essential oils
  • Fur covers
  • Luxurious hand soaps


Pamper yourself even more with these simple pleasures. Make the most of the pandemic. Connect with your family and your inner self. Before you know it, this will be all over; but you have gained so much more from it.


Do you need help creating your dream home to feel that comfort you are searching for? We’re here to help. Let’s talk.

5 Popular House Designs from Davolyn

5 Popular House Designs from Davolyn

We have been posting videos of our house designs on our Facebook Page. Over the past months, these have accumulated several views from visitors and clients alike. Today, we are featuring five of the most viewed house designs videos.

5 Popular House Designs from Davolyn

Let’s begin.

The Brewood (1300 Views)

The Brewood is one of our most popular house designs. We, ourselves, are very proud of it too.

Houzz in itself is impressed with its layout especially its transitional master bedroom

The Brewood (1300 Views) - Popular House Designs

“This is an example of a transitional master bathroom in Other with a drop-in tub, an alcove shower, beige walls, ceramic floors, a drop-in sink, beige floor, flat-panel cabinets, beige cabinets, beige tile and a sliding shower screen.” — Houzz

The  Robeck (1400 views)

The brick wall of the Robeck exhibits a modern ranch style brick home, which is gaining popularity this 2021. This showcases the beauty of the rural country lifestyle thanks to its wide verandahs and decorative posts.

This owner also added three massive water tanks and solar panels for an environmentally friendly lifestyle because of being on acreage.

The Robeck (1400 views) - Popular House Designs


The Hayes (1200 Views)

The Hayes is an epitome of our expertise when working with slab and stumps. We’ve added it a modern country style feel through the addition of a wide stacker door opening to the verandah; while its downstairs garage area houses the laundry, shower, toilet and large storerooms. Upstairs are four large bedrooms with an ensuite and main bathroom.


The Wisener (630 views)

With 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, this cladded house is a sure head-turner. It even provides views of the local creek and the bush aspect native to the block.


All of these features have been carefully designed after ticking all the boxes of the client’s personal needs.


The Kitzelmann (569 views)

Last but certainly not the least amongst the house designs is the Kitzelmaan.

What better way to maximise the view of the Brisbane River but with a homestead home designed just for you. In this design, the team of Davolyn used the sandstone blockwork effect and raised concrete slab for that dream ranch you have always wanted.

Do you have a block where you wish to build your dream house? Do you need help putting together the different aspects you want present in it?

We love making your dream house a reality. Let’s talk.

Popular Home Design Trends for You to Consider this 2021

Popular Home Design Trends for You to Consider this 2021

The on-going pandemic has put homes at the centre of many people’s lives. It has again received fame as it became the focus of attention of many families. Moreover, we are also expected to see new building designs born out of your many homeowner’s desire to

● Build
● Renovate
● Make-over

What are these recent trends? How do you choose the best one for your family?

Let’s begin.

Popular Home Design Trends for You to Consider this 2021

1. The Rise of Antibacterial Materials and Automatic Appliances

Hygiene is now on the top of the list for many homeowners. This includes the demand for:

  • Automatic washbasins
  • Infrared bathroom sensors
  • Voice-activated kitchen appliances
  • Brass accents accessories for kitchen, cabinets and bathrooms

Brass accents accessories - Popular Home Design Trends for You to Consider this 2021

All of which are now sought after add-ons to many homes as it ensures reduced touching and increased bacterial and viral protection for the family.

2. The Return of Bricks

You’ll most likely see more homeowners demanding for bricks to be added to their homes; and by bricks, we don’t mean the classic 60’s red bricks. Rather, these are beautiful bricks designed to add warmth, texture and character to your home.

3. The Fascination for Shifting Rooms

As more people now prefer working from home, many rooms have now been transformed as office spaces or additional nursery rooms for the kids. This realisation pushed many designers to create adaptable layouts that can easily be transformed into purposeful rooms as needed.

The Fascination for Shifting Rooms - Popular Home Design Trends for You to Consider this 2021

So don’t be surprised if you see more non-permanent walls added to house lay-outs this 2021.

4. Welcoming Nature in our Homes

With the invitation of technology into our homes is the embracement of nature. It may sound contradictory to some, but the pandemic has shown man how nature and technology can be fused together So aside from seeing more automatic appliances added to homes, you will also expect more outdoor space added to homes. That is for them to enjoy the many benefits the sun and plants can give to their health.

5. The Rebirth of Environmentally Friendly Homeowners

Ultimately, more homes will see a shift to bio designs, furniture and objects made from living organisms. This includes:

  • Tables
  • Chairs
  • Cabinets
  • Stools
  • Lamps
  • Pots


The pandemic has made us realise many things. It has shown us to value our families and health more than anything else. All of these prompted these designers and many homeowners to do the needed change within their homes and in their future homes.

Do you need help customising your new home? Or do you need help in renovating your current house in Queensland? Let us help. Send us a message.