The Benefits of Hiring a Local Builder

The Benefits of Hiring a Local Builder

Do you have a dream house and you can finally invest in it but you do not have the slightest idea what things to consider in building your very own property? Shall I invest in a custom house or buy an already existing one?

Are you having a hard time making decisions like where to buy a plot?

Are you still thinking if the offer provided you are a good deal?

Things like this can be very frustrating for property seekers and it’s totally fine if you are having such dilemmas, after all, this is where you will be spending your life with the people you love so having demands is only natural. 

The Benefits of Hiring a Local Builder

However, to answer those bugging questions, you may want to consult someone who has proven experience in properties to help you out. A local builder might just be what you are looking for.


What is a local builder in a nutshell? 

Local builders are construction experts in their particular regions. Given that they operate within a specific area, their knowledge about the climate, danger zones, wildlife sanctuaries and appropriate materials for construction works in their location is unquestionable. Aside from building your dream house, they can very well offer you recommendations on what plot to buy, what materials to use and which will and will not do in the community, all in consideration with the budget you are willing to spend.

Since they have experience in finding plots and properties, you can rely on them to locate a convenient place to build your ideal home. Not only do they know what offers are pricey and cheap but they can also find the good qualities of a plot as well as the flaws, weighing the two in order to recommend the best choice for you. Local builders are also aware of danger zones and reliable ones will inform you ahead so you can properly decide to either push through or find a plot somewhere else.


Local Builders vs National and Project Builders

Unlike national builders or project builders, local builders are more specific, thus you can trust them to be well-versed in what to consider before building your dream house in the community. Though national builders do have a larger scope than local builders, the latter has more connections within the area than a national builder. Ensuring you that you can get a good price in your deals from land acquisition to buying materials.

Being familiar with the neighbourhood, local builders can also save you time scrolling the map if the site you are considering to buy is close to markets, gyms, recreational centres and other public places you may want to go from time to time during your stay. National builders often do not have that more specific knowledge on the community you are planning to move into due to their larger scope. On the other hand, project builders might not be offering you that information as it is not really part of their job. Note that local builders just knew these things because they are part of the community as well.


Local builders take the custom house to a new level

Another good thing about consulting a local builder in making your ideal house is that they are very open to your inputs on how the property should look like. Although some constraints are still in place when designing your dream house, these do not hinder local builders from getting your insights into the plan. Moreover, they are somewhat expert in doing so. Since they are aware of the conditions in the area, they can give you honest and factual advice on what is possible and not. They can also give you the best alternatives for the unfeasible.

Hiring a local builder to help you out in building your dream house has a lot of pros to offer. From land acquisition to finishing touches, you can be sure to rely on your local builder to deliver satisfactory results. You just need to find one who understands your ideals and knows how to make it happen.


Why Build a Stump Home?

Why Build a Stump Home?

You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation. You must have a solid foundation if you’re going to have a strong superstructure, especially if you are building a house on a sloping block.

Why Build a Stump Home?


This article discusses why a stump home is a perfect choice for you. Learn the many benefits it can deliver.


Benefits of building a stump home


Stump homes are quite popular in Australia and there many reasons why Aussies love this type of home. These are some of the advantages they can deliver.


It provides safety against flood.


Many parts of South East QLD sits on a flood plain which means flooding is possible.


Just last February, Brisbane has a strong storm that has flooded the regions.


“We had 90 millimetres overnight, a pretty hard and fast storm and that’s on top of our 90mm total for earlier in January.” – ABC News


Thus, flooding still remains a common problem in this region.


Through a stump home, your house can be raised away from flooding. However, you should need to find a knowledgeable builder who can do this for you.




Overland flow paths shouldn’t be blocked because this is where the floodwaters or storm waters will flow back to the streams. It’s a natural land path that you need to preserve. So if ever your lot has an overland flow path, building on stump home can help you make the most out of your site.


Only a skilled and experienced builder can do this for you. Let’s talk.


It allows you to enjoy the best view.


Aside from freeing your mind from any flood scare, a stump home can also give you a magnificent view. This makes it a great choice for nature and landscape lovers. As an add on, you can even enjoy a colder breeze from this due to the free-flowing air that roams into your home. That’s additional energy savings for your family.


It can easily be adjusted.


Building on stump means using individual poles that serve as the foundation of the home. It can be built with varying heights, depending on the finished floor line to be reached. So this means that the stump poles are flexible and easy to adjust to the needs of your site.


This also means fewer earthworks and lesser construction cost.




There is a need to level a site before one can build on it, especially if it is on a sloping block. With a stump home, you don’t need to worry much about this because you can use poles with varying heights, instead.


You can now enjoy the comfort of a timber flooring


Scientifically, timber has positive effects on people’s health such as lowering a person’s blood pressure. This can make your body feel better and calmer as it mimics the effect of going out in nature.


Through a stump home, you can enjoy the benefits of a timber floor plus the beauty of charming balusters in your verandah.

It provides easy access to drainage.


Since building a stump home means having a raised flooring above the ground, accessing the drainage system is easier. So if ever a problem regarding your plumbing and drainage system arise, you will be able to fix it easily.


As an add on, it also keeps you safe from pests and termites because of its good ventilation below. So what are you waiting for? Let us turn that sloping block into the perfect home for you and your family.


It gives easy room for renovation and extension.


We always say that change is constant. So most probably, you might want to add an office room for yourself or a playroom for your kids. With a stump home, future renovations and extension can be easily done since you still got a space underneath you.

Are you now dreaming of a stump home?

You must be dreaming of a stump home, now. Stop dreaming and together let’s make it a reality. Send us a message.


Verandah: A must have in a Lockyer Valley House Style

Verandah: A must have in a Lockyer Valley House Style

One feature that characterises a Queenslander style of home is…

A distinct and unique verandah.

May it be grandiose or a simple home, a verandah is a part of any Queenslander home.


Because is the perfect place to share thoughts, engage ideas and just catch up with friends.

What other things should you now about verandahs? Read on for more info.

Verandah: A must have in a Lockyer Valley House Style


Key Features of a Queenslander Verandah


Historically, the Queenslander house style was built above the ground to allow ventilation underneath. It was used in locations where it has a subtropical climate and therefore brings a cool breeze in the home.


These verandahs are designed to provide shade, offer protection from afternoon storms, catch breezes and serve as a semi-outdoor room for informal living. This also allows homeowners to entertain guests without them setting foot inside the host’s home.


Using traditional details such as brackets, ornamental balustre and posts enhance a Queenslander’s verandah. This brings history and tradition to the house. Thus, making it distinct and unique amongst other house designs.


Other add ons you may include are:


  • Gables
  • Lattice
  • Louvres
  • Coloured glass
  • Battens


Include this in your QLD verandah and it will definitely stand-out from other homes in the area.

The Brewood 07

Appearance of French doors

If you’re really aiming for the Queenslander house style, make sure to use French doors in connecting the verandah to the main house. This adds to the heritage look of the house.

Opening french doors also create a scene with the vignette it brings in the verandah. No need to fret about privacy because of the lattice panels and louvres that are used in this house style.


Raised platforms

Most Australian houses are raised above the ground to ensure safety from flood events. So technically, their verandahs are also above the ground. This makes it easier for the cool breeze to enter homes.

The Warlow 01

This house style is made from timber to allow any heat to quickly escape, thus, it helps in keeping the home airy. Since the verandahs are also raised, you will surely enjoy the great view from above.


Shade and protection

Shadings devices such as louvres, lattice, and awnings are usual common inclusions you will see in a Queenslander house. This serves as protection against the heat of the sun and rapid downpours.

It also provides privacy for the homeowners. This ensures that you can enjoy your morning coffee without any stranger’s eyes preying on you.


So if you’re the private type of person, you can still enjoy that privacy while enjoying the cool natural light breeze of your house.


How to make the most out of your verandah?


Make the most out of your verandah with these helpful tips:

Choose the right furniture


Use more durable furniture that can withstand the changing weather of the region. This includes adding washable rugs, carpets, and seat covers.

Choose the right furniture

Create an eclectic vibe with it by adding robust items with neutral colours to make it look warm and comfy. You can even go wild by matching trendy cushions with antique furniture.

Choose the right furniture 02

Turn it into another room


Another way of making the most out of your verandah is to turn it into another room. Don’t let it be just a passage to the inner part of the house. Use it as a lounge where you and your friends can have small talks over a cup of tea or coffee.

Turn it into another room

Place a lovely coffee table and match it with unique small sofas, or you can just use bean bags to sit on. This will make your verandah more than just an extension into your private home.


Functionally charming and graceful is what you get from a Queenslander verandah house style. Are you now dreaming of having your own verandah, too? Let us help you.

5 Tips on How to Build A House Within A Budget

5 Tips on How to Build A House Within A Budget

Do you think and feel that it is the right time to build your own house but is a bit hesitant because you have a limited budget? Are you wondering if the money you’ve allocated for this project is sufficient to cover the expenses from start to finish?

5 Tips on How to Build A House Within A Budget


This is a common question we receive from our clients. And we understand why this is a major concern for many. How do you proceed when stuck with this question?

Below is a guide to keep you moving. Read on.



“Planning is bringing the future into the present so that you can do something about it now.” – Alan Lakein


Planning is one of the most important of any building plans.


Sit and carefully plan the following:


  • Sketch of the house
  • Wall colours that you like
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of comfort rooms
  • Provision for the car park (if you have a car or planning to have one)
  • Type of windows and door
  • Other customisation that you like


List down all your ideas.








It will help you decide on what to include or exclude in the future. That means, not limiting your ideas yet. After all, you are still in the first phase of the building process. So just list everything down.



“Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.” – Philip K. Dick


Now that you have listed all of your ideas. It’s time to trim it down to reality. As the quote from Philip above states, to stick with reality it should be something that is realizable.


We all want a house with rooms for each family member, but with a limited budget, you can easily assess that a 4 bedroom house will not be very feasible. Thus, compromise with a three-bedroom house, with room for an extended room in the future.


Focus on the essentials and what’s integral for the family. In this manner, you will have a better foresight on what you should focus on.



“The art of being wise is the art of knowing what to overlook.” – William James


Now that you have reached the level of being realistic with your goals, add simplicity to your design.


How do you make that happen?




Yes. Avoid being too extravagant.


Remember that you are working with a limited budget. But don’t be sad. The simplicity of your house doesn’t mean it will look that way forever. You can slowly make changes along the way. It’s just, for now, you need to be content with a simple house.


What do you need to throw away from your thoughts?


These are the expensive interiors and fittings. Rather than forcing you to make these extravagances fit your “budget”, replace it with functional items. After all, you can easily replace these functional items with more luxurious fittings in the future. But for now, you should focus on the minimum needs that your family requires.





Life is a matter of choices, and every choice you make makes you. – John C. Maxwell


Choosing a site that needs less scraping and digging will make the building process faster and cheaper. So if you are thinking about sloping blocks, then better choose a different option. Rather opt for a site that’s fit for construction.


Here’s some of the new builds we have created for you to check on.


Another thing you should consider is the location.


Less populated cities have more affordable lots compared to the busier cities in Brisbane. So if you wish to have a huge space but have a limited budget, look at affordable lots for sale on less populated cities in QLD.


Here’s another thing you can do If you really want to build a home within a budget. Pick an affordable site location. With less populated cities, you have a higher chance of finding an affordable lot, thus, you’ll be able to build on your own land rather than with shared lots.


If you’re having a hard time to find the perfect block, you can ask help from professional builders like Davolyn constructions. We can help you find the perfect location and fit it in your house design.




“Reliability is the precondition for trust.”     – Wolfgang Schauble


Say “NO” to any random builder. This is your HOME and your DREAM HOUSE, so don’t let just anyone work on it.


Do a background check on your home builder of choice to ensure they have the license, registration, insurance. Ask for work references and previous jobs to know if they fit your style and preferences.


If they fail to provide any of these, it is best to look for another.


Extra Tips: Look for GRANTS


If it’s your first time to build your own home, you should know that there are certain grants you might be eligible for. Grants such as the following:


Stamp Duty Concessions


The first home concession only applies to a home valued under $550,000 and can save you up to $15,925.  Read more.


The First Home Owner Grant


The First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) scheme was introduced on 1 July 2000 to offset the effect of the GST on home ownership. It is a national scheme funded by the states and territories and administered under their own legislation.


Under the scheme, a one-off grant is payable to first home owners that satisfy all the eligibility criteria. Read more.

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7 Questions to Answer If You Plan To Build A Custom Home

7 Questions to Answer If You Plan To Build A Custom Home

Are you planning to build a custom home for you and your family?

7 Questions to Answer If You Plan To Build A Custom Home


Building a custom home is fun and exciting. But it can also be a risky and stressful journey if you are unprepared. So before working on this process, it’s best to answer the following questions:


1. Do you have a large family? How long do you plan to have your new house?


Before any bricks or paint is placed on your house, ask and answer these questions. This will help you decide how many rooms you need, and the size of each. It will also make you think of the proximity of schools and work place to your chosen location, as you anticipate your length of stay in this new neighbourhood.

2. Which one is the most important for you and your family? Rank these factors below:


Here are the 9 criteria you can rank to see which one is the most important aspect for your family. Make number 1 as the most important and number 9 the least important.

  • The location of your new custom home
  • An elegant design
  • Return of investment
  • Plenty of rooms and amenities
  • A large capacity to accommodate extended/future family members
  • A Media Room
  • Easy to maintain exterior finish
  • Energy-saving technology
  • Budget


Based on your ranking, you can decide on which aspects you are willing to compromise.


3. Are there any particular construction materials you want to use when building your custom home?


Some homeowners have this kind of specification when building their custom home. They consider the construction materials to be used. You can list it down and hand it to your builder before the start of the construction. It’ll help you and your builder estimate if your budget can handle the materials you require. Otherwise, they can share an alternative option.


4. How do you choose the right builder to work with?


In order for you to find the right builder, you need to look for someone who has the same vision and values as you. If you do find them, it’s like finding the perfect partner. Since you have similar thinking, they can understand your goals in building your custom home.

Read our blog on how to know if the builder is right for you: Project Builder vs Custom Builder.


5. Is the kitchen your most important part of the house?


Many people look-out to build their dream kitchen in their dream home. Is this room also your dream? It’s good to answer this question on the planning and design phase so that you can incorporate your ideas to it. Your builder must be able to help you in putting up your dream kitchen.


6. Have you checked the soil on the location?


It is important to answer this question as it’ll determine if the location is conducive to live in. By checking the type of soil in the location can show you if your project will be simple or complex. It is best advised that you for an expert custom builder to check the soil on your location to know it’s quality.


7. Ask your builder about their toughest project experience and how did they handle it


Answering this question allows you to know more about your chosen builder. You’ll see what working ethics they have. The attitude of your builder is an important factor in building your custom home. It’s better to choose the builder who is driven and easy to communicate with than a builder who lack’s good work ethics.

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Finished answering these questions? Do you feel more prepared now in building your custom home? Should you need to consult a custom builder, just send us a message or give us a call. Otherwise, visit our Facebook Page to see some of our latest projects.


5 Things To Consider When Building a New House

5 Things To Consider When Building a New House

You may have a dozen options when it comes to choosing a home. You can either buy or have it custom built. While there are many factors to consider when deciding on this matter, your personal preferences will still have a bigger bearing.

New House building


Now, if you’re one of the people who choose to build their dream home, then this article can be most useful for you. Read on.

What are the things you need to consider when building a new house?

Choosing to build your home can become exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Let us help you make it through more conveniently with these helpful tips on what you should consider:



Everything depends on the amount of money you are willing to spend. So ensure you have a clear budget in mind. Some questions you need to consider include:

  • How much money have you saved for this project?
  • Can your budget handle it from start to finish?
  • Do you have extra funds in case of an emergency?

These are just a few of the questions you can check to evaluate if your budget is enough for building your home. However, if you don’t have a lot of money, you can adjust things according to your budget. Just make sure that you’re aware of this okay.

We advise that you talk to a registered consultant to estimate where your budget can bring you. It’ll help the available options for you.



After evaluating your budget, the next thing you need to asses is the location and land type where you’ll build your home. 

You need to check if the location suits your lifestyle. Is it the type of neighbourhood you want to live in, or is it a good place to settle down? You also need to consider things such as it’s proximity to the schools, market, hospitals, and/or shopping retails.

Aside from the location, you also to check the type of land where you plan to build your home. Is it a flat or sloping site? Are there any boulders to work on? 

These are important questions to ask because your dream house’s construction process is very much dependent on these. Need help in checking your land type? Call us on 0409 661 655.



This can either be FUN or DAUNTING, depending on your personality. But these are some of the things you need to think of:

  • Exterior and interior wall finish
  • Colours in each room
  • Type of flooring
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Furniture
  • Windows and doors
  • Size of the rooms

You may have many ideas in mind. Thus, it is best to list it down and show it to your builder. That is if your chosen builder has in-depth knowledge with design, just like Davolyn Constructions



Now, this, we can say, is the most, but not the least important thing you need to think of when building your dream house.

Choosing the builder that’ll work on your dream house must be able to guide you throughout the construction process. You should be able to openly communicate with them from start to finish.

Your builder selection is critical in the success rate of your plans. Choose a reliable and reputable builder who will not leave you in the middle of the project. They should also be open to your ideas and your budget.

Check the builder’s record, past and current client’s review, and their expertise on your project. Will they be able to handle a sloping block or are they just expert on flat sites? Your builder shouldn’t be your stressor but your trustworthy partner in building your home. Choosing the right builder is significant in the smooth process of your project.


Why choose Davolyn Construction?

Davolyn Construction can handle simple and complicated projects for you. Whether it’s a flat site or sloping block, we can help you build the home of your dreams. We make sure that you know every part of the process and keep things stress-free for you.

Bringing your dream the home to reality should be fun, hassle-free, and exciting. Let us build the house that you’ll want to come home to at the end of the day.

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