Your house’ foundation is a vital part of any house or structure. It is what protects and carries the weight of your home. So as the base of the structure, it is a part of the house that must be constructed carefully.

Its All About The Foundation What Makes a Quality Home

Why? Because when your home’s foundation suffers from damages, it is only a matter of time before everything else collapses. This is not to mention the hassles repairing a damaged foundation will bring. So it is definitely worth the time and consideration to ensure that your house’ foundation is built correctly and follows industry expectations.

Do you want to learn more reasons why you should pay much of your attention to your foundation during the construction phase of your house? Here are some of these:

#1: Your home’s foundation serves as its skeleton

As our skeletal system gives shape to our body and helps us stand, the foundation does the same to the house. The base is buried under your house in the dirt. Its primary function is to support your home. Without it, your house will easily sink unevenly into the dirt, resulting in cracks and destruction. During a flood or earthquake, a well-constructed base would hold the home levelled and supported.

A solid foundation entails more than simply drilling into the dirt and dumping concrete. The foundation of your house should be strategically laid to the plot. This includes considering the geology, soil quality, groundwater, and even the backfill once it is erected. It should also be made of good materials to ensure that it will bear the weight of your house. This ensures your foundation can withstand changes or movement in the soil underneath your slab.

#2 Foundations are good insulators

Another thing that makes the foundation of your house essential is its insulating properties. It will keep your indoor temperature at a desirable degree despite the harsh and long summer in Queensland. So, a well-insulated foundation will save you a significant amount of money from using too much AC to keep the indoor cool.

Using your house’s foundation as an insulator varies by climate, but if you want to utilise the means for your existing home it’s always wise to consult with a local builder for help.

#3 The right foundation keeps the bugs away

A solid and properly erected foundation will keep all of the pests and critters that live beneath the slab of your house at bay. This would also protect the wood frame from termites even in the long run. Without a good foundation, your house would be vulnerable to insects and will do significant harm in the future. Thus, it is important to understand the importance of the foundation to your house even before the start of the construction.

#4 A good foundation can minimize accidents

Without us noticing, the plates beneath the earth are constantly shifting. Soil moisture levels fluctuate constantly, temperature variations affect soil conditions, and groundwater’s direction can shift at any moment. External forces will cause the home to crumble, fall up, or even be swept away if it is not rooted to a foundation.

A solid foundation can withstand any environmental activity that occurs beneath and around your house. When the right materials are used and the foundations are properly erected, you can guarantee that your house is protected when natural calamities strike.


Most of us fail to give significant attention to our home’s foundations, resulting in expensive maintenance later on. To ensure that your foundation is properly constructed, it is recommended that you employ a professional builder for your house construction and renovation.

Should you need the help of an experienced local builder? As a builder in Qld we give a 6 year structural warranty. Talk to us today!