Building a house can be distressing, especially with the stories about building costs blowing out while the project runs. Are you a first homeowner who has the same worry? Or are you a homeowner who tries to DIY your home renovation in fear of exceeding the budget?

5 Smart Ways to Reduce Your Building Cost

Whichever the case, we truly understand. However, entrusting the building works to a licensed builder is still the best option. No need to worry about those stories, we got your back. Here we listed some tips to not just stick with your budget but even reduce the building cost.


#1 Be familiar with “site cost”

The site cost is a magic word when it comes to building a property. More often than not, site cost is responsible for additional expenses in building work. Therefore, you have to be familiar with it.

Building on rocky or sloping ground, or having trees that must be removed are some examples of site cost. These conditions require more services than the usual construction work which means more expenses.

The thing about site costs is that they are not typically detailed when a plot is advertised. Unless you are aware of site costs and checked the plot yourself before acquiring, you might pay for additional services.


#2 Keep your dream house simple

As much as you want your first home to be extravagant, we have to be realistic. It is important to get the footprint right and to complete the things that can’t be easily changed in the future. So then you can always extend your house through renovations in the future.

Moreover, simplicity is a trend in Australian architecture these days. Smaller and a more minimalistic home is easier to manage, has a lot of room for improvement and more practical.

Keeping your dream house simple also has to do with your choice of materials. Consider having more conventional basins, benchtops and flooring as that would be cheaper. But if you have a bigger budget, then using expensive fittings is your option as these will eventually pay off when it’s time to resell.


#3 Invest in Sustainable Living

This may not lower the cost of construction but it will have a significant effect in the long run. Sustainable living is another trend in architecture that promotes cost reduction.

By utilizing your location’s airflow, sunlight direction and natural energy you can have a sustainable living. For instance, you can have your windows placed in the direction of the airflow to minimize the use of electric ventilation. However, these elements vary from one location to another. You may want to consult a local builder to help you plan your home’s layout.


#4 Choose low-maintenance options

One of the most expensive things about owning a house is its maintenance. As a first homeowner, you must think about the property’s maintenance before its construction. This can help you save up in the long run.

There are lots of low-cost and low-maintenance options for building materials available in the market today. You will never run out of choices to make your home as low maintenance as possible.


#5 Stick to the plan

Now that you have the necessary information to plan your dream house or renovation, what’s left is to plan. Weigh what can be applied from the tips above. Maybe not everything in this list will work on what you have in mind so you’ll have to discard some. Following just a thing or two will mean a lot already in reducing your building cost.

However, we highly advised that you follow this last tip. Stick to the plan.

Make up your plan, consult it with your chosen builder, revise if needed and stick to it. It can be tempting to add more designs and prolong or shorten the project duration but refrain from doing so. If your budget will not blow out, the building work will be compromised. Therefore, it is with the utmost importance that you follow your plan.

Do you need any help in planning a budget-friendly renovation or building work? Send us a message.