Why Stump Homes for Sloping BlocksAre you wondering how to build your dream house on a sloping block?

Are you puzzled on what design to apply?

Don’t know where to start?

Maybe this is what you need.

Are you familiar with a stump home? Stump homes are usually referred to homes built with stump foundations. It may be unconventional compared to slab foundation but it proves to be sturdier for sloping blocks.

Stump homes stand on individual concrete or steel post with footings below. These individual posts can be built with different heights to reach the desired level of the house’s ground floor. With this, massive and expensive excavation can be set aside.


The First Step: Choosing the Right Builder for the Job

Challenges and issues can come up on the process of building a stump home; but with the right builder, you’ll be able to maximise your block and its view. Choosing the right builder is crucial in any house project, especially on sloping blocks.

With the right builder, your stump home can be stronger and more aesthetically appealing than a house built on a flat site. Learn more about us


The Second Step: Examining the Site

Yes, buying a property on the hills is cheaper than flat sites; but the view you get on the hillside is definitely more rewarding. Thus it is important that your site is examined before starting any construction on it. 

Examining the site and its surrounding can help you anticipate the pros and cons of your project. You’ll also be able to check if there are large rocks or shallow land part that needs extra care while your building your dream home. 


Third Step: Deciding on your house design

Take note that every sloping block is different. There can be a case where a sloping site is easy to work on while another site is rocky and needs more hard work. As sloping blocks are different so as the result of the stump home. This can also have an advantage because your home will have its unique design.

Look at the variety of designs we have prepared for you. 



A sloping block is not a hindrance in building your dream home. You just need to find the right builder who will make your dream house a reality. 

To ensure that your stump home is well-designed, ask help from a professional builder that is expert in sloping blocks. Contact us and let us help you get the best out of your sloping block. Send us a message today!

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