Building a home in a sloping block is filled with challenges, risks, and expenses. However, the reward is breathtaking. A block on the slope pose different obstacles but offers a uniqueness a flat site don’t have. But before jumping into it, there are things you need to consider.

Things to Consider When Building a Sloping Block Home

Home drainage system

A common concern of homeowners in sloping blocks is the drainage system. Especially if heavy rains occur. A large amount of water rain collected in the lower elevation of your home can cause soil erosion. So an effective drainage system is important. If your drainage system will be situated at the slope’s foot – a drop manhole is necessary for the slow passage of the water. If it will be situated in uphill – you need to install a pump.


Rolling rocks

Make sure to check out for rock formations around your property. It can pose the danger of rolling rocks into your way. Expect the ground to be shallow in your area. A deep excavation might be needed to hit the rock bottom. Do not overdo it as excavation can be very expensive.


Cutting into the hill

Cutting into the hillside will be necessary depending on the steepness of the slope on your block. It is needed in order to create a flat platform for the house’s foundation. 


Climate and direction

Building on a sloping block, the house will have to face the climate and other elements such as high winds and heavy rains. So make sure to give extra attention to the landscape surrounding your block. Possible landslides and soil erosion due to heavy rains must be taken with great consideration. Weatherproofing the house is a must.


Choosing the right builder

Working with the right builder to face the challenge of building a house in a sloping block is vital. They are significant in the construction’s success. Opt for a builder where sloping blocks are their expertise and you shall be able to meet your sloping block home.

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