As doctors have different areas of specialisation, builders do too. In this article, we will show you the difference between a project builder and a custom builder because these two are often mistaken with each other. 

Project Builder VS Custom Builder: What’s the Difference?

What are Project Builders?

Project builders follow a fixed design. Their clients come in bulk with very little adjustments allowed on the original design. As a result, even slight changes on the project could be expensive on the part of the owner as this can interrupt the mass building they are working on.

These builders are often commissioned to work on State Housing projects or mass produced real estate works.  


What are Custom Builders?

Custom builders have a wide range of unique and specially designed house layout. Often times, they even assign an architect to sit with so you can customise your house the way you like at a reasonable price. 

They choose small number of houses to construct on a yearly basis for them to offer a personalised and flexible services to their clients. Thus, their rates may be higher compared to project builders but it is most certainly the type of builder you would want to go to for the construction of your dream home. 


What are the Main Differences Between a Custom and Project Builder?


Here are the following major differences you need to know about project builders and custom builders:


Design and Layout

Project Builder: They can only offer a small amount of change and design. They have a general set of designs and layout and you’ll be charged extra for any desired changes.


Custom Builder: Works on your home ideas and builds a unique one according to your preference. With custom builders, you can choose specific designs and layouts for your home


Exclusions and Inclusions

Project Builder: They only offer typical or usual design (most of the time it looks the same with other houses) with elective changes – such as floor coverings, lights, driveway, and power points.


Custom Builder: Custom builders are here to help you build your dream house. They are into whatever you like. Whether you want your home with a lot of corners or you want it round. It’s on you. You just need to tell them.



Project Builder: Whilst you may very well save as much as 50% on your costs with a project builder, you have to be contented with the design and materials they are going to use on your house. You have very little power on what to tiles, roof product, and accessories to use on your house. 


Custom Builder: Although you may have higher costs with a custom builder, it generally depends on your choice of products. If you choose to incorporate expensive products to your house – then the price of your house will definitely be costlier. Ask for various options for them so they can help you work within your budget. 


Flexibility, options and customer service

Project Builder: You have limited choices for specifications level. You are just another number in their whole project. So they won’t be able to attend to you personally all the time.

This is the brutal fact. But this is also something you need to accept.

Custom Builder: You get what you want. You are in control. Since custom builders don’t do bulk projects, they can focus on you and even has time to get to know you better. This way, they can attend to all your specifications on your dream house. Also if you have a change of heart with the design of your house, it is okay with them.



Project Builder: Uncomplex and easy design. Usually, project builders construct similar house designs. Doing a complex design can take up their time. 

Custom Builder: Construct the house the way you want it. They will incorporate every detail you’ll want in your house. Even if it gets complex, they’ll be able to do it for you.



Project Builder: They tend to be slower due to the volume of their project. There is a queuing moment. 

Custom Builder: They are in control of the timeframe. They will tell you when your house will start constructing and each client is managed individually. So any problems can be fixed immediately. This prevents delays in the construction.



Project Builder: The price is already set before you choose your packages. Extra fees are also set for other inclusions. Typical packages don’t have landscaping, driveways, and floorings and you’ll have a limited set of accessories.

Custom Builder: Each project is quoted individually, depending on the specifications of the client. If you want to save your budget, then it’s best to tell them upfront about them. In this manner, they can give you several options to consider.



It is important to know what you want to achieve in your dream house before choosing a builder. Compare this with the list of advantages and disadvantages one can deliver. 

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