Tips in Making Your New Home in Queensland Energy Efficient


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Are you planning to build a new home in Queensland?

Have you thought about the design of your new place?

But did energy efficiency crossed your mind?

Nowadays, many aspirant homeowners are choosing energy efficiency designs when building their new home. Why not? This is a great way of saving money in the future because it helps lower your monthly electrical consumption.

Are you interested to know how you can make your new home energy efficient? Read on.


Treating the Windows

The following window treatments can help reduce your electrical consumption:

  • Installing highly-reflective film on your windows

  • Adding insulated panels or mesh window screens

  • Placing shutters, curtains or blinds through your home

  • Stretching out the shading with wider awnings

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The Orientation of Your New Home

Your new home’s orientation can help you save big time as it helps in providing passive solar heating, cooling and shading to your new home.

What is the ideal home orientation?

Experts suggest to choose an orientation with 5ºW-20ºE of true north for daytime living areas.

How does this help you save on your electrical bill?

Good orientation coupled with other energy efficiency features discussed in this article eliminates the need for auxiliary cooling and heating. This results to:

  • Lower energy bills

  • Improved comfort

  • Reduced greenhouse gas emissions

Do you want to learn more about home orientation? Click here..


Adding Insulation to Your New Home

Insulation helps keep the hot air in and the cold air out, which is extremely energy efficient during the warm summer and cold winter season. Ensure that this is included in your new home design for you to remain comfortable all year round, without having to worry about your electrical consumption.


Reduce your water consumption

This can be a tough one, especially during the summer season. But you can conveniently do this by following these tips:

  • Capture rainwater for clean, fresh drinking and gardening

  • Landscape with native plants, grasses, and use mulch that retains water

  • Go for appliances like your dishwasher with a high Water Efficiency Labelling

  • Install a brilliant hot water recirculation system

  • Use sensor based watering systems


Install Energy Efficiency Lighting

Lighting consumes up to 15% of the average household electricity bill. However, you could reduce it by 50% or more by using efficient lighting technologies.

We all know that sunlight is the nicest and most accessible lighting for your home during day time. Consider well-placed windows or skylights when discussing the orientation of your new home.

And for night time, LED lighting is up to 7x more efficient than traditional incandescent lights and lasts up to 10x longer. Remember to invest properly on this since low quality LED lighting can flicker when dimmed and change colours.

Watch this video to learn more tips on how to make your new home energy efficient:


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