Benefits of Custom Built Homes

Are you planning to build a family?

Is your current house not big enough?

Or are you simply planning to invest in a property in Gatton or Plainland?

Choosing a custom-built home may be the right fit for you for the following reasons:


1. Overall personalisation

This is one of the biggest advantages of building a custom house. You get what you want and what you’ve been dreaming of. No need to run through the tripping process for a house that fits what you want. Tendencies of renovation an already built house is taken away as your customised home is cut to your design.


2. Customised floor plan

The design of a pre-existing house was the idea of another person. Not yours. But with a custom-built home, the design solely depends on you. The design of the floor plan is all yours. Whether you want a small or equal bedroom – it’s on you. Your choice.

3. Extreme privacy

Customising the design of your home gives you a higher level of privacy rather than a pre-existing house. Since the design of the floor plan is on you – you decide how much to show to the neighbourhood and how much to hide. This includes the bushes, gate design, window levels, and level of barricade can be customised to your property’s privacy.

4. Distinctive finishes

It’s your house, so you’re the one to be followed even when it comes to the finishes. You can incorporate your character into it. This makes it distinct to other houses because, with a custom-built home, you are able to integrate your passion and fashion into it. 

5. Lot area optimisation

Building a customised house allows you to work with builders, architects, and engineers that can help you take advantage of your lot area. You can share your ideas with them and they can show the possibilities of it. Factors like sunlight, trees and foliage, airflow pattern, and the size of the green space to surround your home is taken into consideration.

6. Top-notch quality

With the ability to customise your house – you can ensure that its quality is top-notch. You’ll be able to supervise the materials to be used in it. Unlike in pre-existing houses, you don’t know the quality of its materials and how it was built. Customising your house reduces the chances of substandard materials being used.

Make sure to work with a reliable and expert builder like Davolyn construction that can guarantee you a top-quality home. Satisfaction is yours.

7. Lower Costing

You might raise a brow but this one is for real. Some think that buying a pre-existing house and lot is cheaper, well they’re wrong. The possibilities of reconfiguration, repairs, and upgrade on the pre-existing house are high since it wasn’t designed to your ideas. So we’re talking about more expenses here.

Customising your home pose lower cost in the long run because every corner is what you wanted. Even the wall finishes, lighting features, stairs cases, and colours are your unique ideas. You might want to change them but surely not that soon.

Choose the right builder

Choosing and working with the right builder makes a big difference in the construction of your dream home. They must allow you to meddle and guide you throughout the whole construction process.

Davolyn Constructions allows you to be on top of the chain. They are committed to giving you a stress-free process and lets you unveil the dream house you had imagined.

Ready to customise?

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