Are you planning to build a custom home for you and your family?

7 Questions to Answer If You Plan To Build A Custom Home


Building a custom home is fun and exciting. But it can also be a risky and stressful journey if you are unprepared. So before working on this process, it’s best to answer the following questions:


1. Do you have a large family? How long do you plan to have your new house?


Before any bricks or paint is placed on your house, ask and answer these questions. This will help you decide how many rooms you need, and the size of each. It will also make you think of the proximity of schools and work place to your chosen location, as you anticipate your length of stay in this new neighbourhood.

2. Which one is the most important for you and your family? Rank these factors below:


Here are the 9 criteria you can rank to see which one is the most important aspect for your family. Make number 1 as the most important and number 9 the least important.

  • The location of your new custom home
  • An elegant design
  • Return of investment
  • Plenty of rooms and amenities
  • A large capacity to accommodate extended/future family members
  • A Media Room
  • Easy to maintain exterior finish
  • Energy-saving technology
  • Budget


Based on your ranking, you can decide on which aspects you are willing to compromise.


3. Are there any particular construction materials you want to use when building your custom home?


Some homeowners have this kind of specification when building their custom home. They consider the construction materials to be used. You can list it down and hand it to your builder before the start of the construction. It’ll help you and your builder estimate if your budget can handle the materials you require. Otherwise, they can share an alternative option.


4. How do you choose the right builder to work with?


In order for you to find the right builder, you need to look for someone who has the same vision and values as you. If you do find them, it’s like finding the perfect partner. Since you have similar thinking, they can understand your goals in building your custom home.

Read our blog on how to know if the builder is right for you: Project Builder vs Custom Builder.


5. Is the kitchen your most important part of the house?


Many people look-out to build their dream kitchen in their dream home. Is this room also your dream? It’s good to answer this question on the planning and design phase so that you can incorporate your ideas to it. Your builder must be able to help you in putting up your dream kitchen.


6. Have you checked the soil on the location?


It is important to answer this question as it’ll determine if the location is conducive to live in. By checking the type of soil in the location can show you if your project will be simple or complex. It is best advised that you for an expert custom builder to check the soil on your location to know it’s quality.


7. Ask your builder about their toughest project experience and how did they handle it


Answering this question allows you to know more about your chosen builder. You’ll see what working ethics they have. The attitude of your builder is an important factor in building your custom home. It’s better to choose the builder who is driven and easy to communicate with than a builder who lack’s good work ethics.

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